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Model: CR –G -5000 Fully automatic PLC Operated collar type Pneumatically operated vertical pouch form, fill & seal machine to pack “PULSES/GRAINS” in laminated poly pouches Packaging Range: 1- 5kg

Feeding head : Volumetric Cup Filling System
Packing Range : 1000 – 5000 Grams
Production Speed : 30 – 35 Pouches per minute @ 1000 gm, 10 – 12 pouches per minutes @ 5000 gm
Machine control system : P.L.C (Programmed Logic Controller)
Film Width : up to 650 mm (Subject to confirmation)
Film Thickness : 75 – 100 microns
Film Material : Laminated
Sealer heating system : Continues
Filling Accuracy : +/- 1% gm
Inner Core Dia. of Film Roll : 70mm
Outer Dia. of the film Roll : up to 400mm
Pouch Style : : Center sealed Pillow type
Pouch Width : up to 300 mm (Subject to confirmation)
Pouch Length : up to 450 mm (Subject to confirmation)
Compressed Air pressure : 6.5 kg / cm2 at 40 C
Air consumption : 40 m3 / Hour
Power Consumption : 7 kW / Hour
Peak Power : 10 kW
Power requirement : 3 Phase, 415 V, 50Hz plus Neutral
Film Guard mechanism : Auto stop when film is exhausted
Pouch Counter : Provided
Photo Cell : Provided
Machine Dimensions in ‘mm’ : 4000(H) x 1500(W) x 2000(Depth)
Net Weight : 1500 kgs (approx)

  • Approx : 12,00,000.00 INR

Date of Delivery : 7 to 8 weeks from the date of advance received


PRICES:    Prices Quoted is Our Ex-Factory, Hyderabad. Exclusive of packing, crating, carting, forwarding, freight and any other incidental charges / Govt. levies will be extra to purchaser account. Also 2% insurance extra, all the orders should be address to Hyderabad office only.

PACKING & FORWARDING:    Packing & Forwarding will applicable @ 5% on basic value.

SALES TAX:    GST @ 18% or as applicable at the time of dispatch of the machines.

FOR DEEMED EXPORT:-    18% GST amount will be collected at the time of billing and after submitting LUT and BL (export document Copy), 0.1% TAX deducted and balance amount refunded. PAYMENT TERMS:    50% of the order value as advance along with your firm purchase order and balance 50% against dispatch from our ex works Hyderabad. If Purchase Order is not placed, our finalized Quotation is treated as your Confirm order.

CHANGE OF SPECIFICATION:    We reserve the right to change/modify the specification necessary during the course of design and development for betterment/improvement without prior notice.

INSPECTION:    Final inspection at our Ex-Works Hyderabad only, you will be intimate as soon as the machine ready for dispatch. You would depute your authorized person along with sufficient quantity of samples for carrying out the final inspection if you require.

DELIVERY:    Delivery of the machine will be effect within 1-8 weeks( depends on machine type ) from the date of receipt of your confirm order and along with requisite advances, with clear dispatch and billing instructions. And the delivery commence form the date of our acceptance.

INSTALLATION & COMISSIONING:    The commissioning of the machine will be carried out by our factory trained technicians, but there to & fro expenses, boarding and lodging, other incidental expenses borne by you. Once the machine is reached, placed, electrical supply, Film material and product is ready at your site. Then only our technicians will be deputed. For other country installation charges will be dependences on mutually agreed and accepted.

TRAINING:    We don’t charge extra for your technician or operator, and training will be provided at our works, and their to & fro travelling, lodging & boarding And all incidental expenses will be borne by purchaser.

WARRANTEE:    All Crown machines are carried warrantee for the period of 12 months from the date of supply against any manufacturing defects, these warrantee does not covers any electric motors, electronic material & any other bought out items / components, electrical hazards and misuse by unauthorized person. Machine Quoted are as per our standard design only.

AFTER SALES & SERVISES:    After sales services through our factory trained technicians during the warrantee period will be provided as per committed at the time of agreement or acceptance of the order. And however technician to & fro travel expenses and boarding, lodging and other incidental expenses to purchasers account only. And there after at the terms & conditions mutually agreed upon.

Order once placed along with Advances, immediately work will be started and can’t be cancelled or transferred or returned.

LEGAL:    We never entertain disputes and claims, if any Hyderabad Jurisdiction only.

VALIDITY:    This quotation remains valid for a period of 30 days only from the date hereof, thereafter subject to confirmation in writing.

Note: 1. Further any techno commercial clarification feel free to contact us.
2. Due to R&D and products enhancements technical data are subject to change without Prior notice.

A:    Output speed and filling accuracy depends upon type of product/consistency and characteristics of the product/quantity per pack/packaging material and other such dynamic and environmental factors.

B: Layout of printing/color combination/color of photo mark etc.    is required to be approved by us prior to the commercial production of the packaging material. For this, sufficient trials are required to be conducted on the machine.

C:    Necessary material handling system for mechanized handling of product and for continuous feed of product to the machine is required to be procured by buyer before putting the machine into regular operation.

D:    In order to test the machine-ability and flow characteristics of the packing material, the same should be made available to us for trials prior to dispatch of the machine. If need arises composition/structural configuration would be required to be packed.

E.     Set of size parts for pouch forming shoulders and filling device parts requirements can be ascertained only after knowing the product mix and information such as number of pouch to be packed in each quantity and range of quantities to be packed.

F.   While commissioning of the machine we extend only supervisory services. All necessary civil work and other pre-requisites are to be arranged by the buyer. Necessary details are provided by us well in advance. Buyer from his side will ensure all preparations and pre-requisites are complete in all respects before visit of our service technician so that erection and commissioning is completed in all respects before visit of our service technician so that erection and commissioning is completed in one visit and within reasonable time. Should there be an occasion for subsequent visits due to lack on the part of the buyer, the services will be given on chargeable basis @Rs.1,500/- per day per Engineer with Air/Rail ticket, Lodging, Boarding, Local conveyance etc. to buyer’s account.

G.   While erection and commissioning, it is desirable to have buyers’ operator to work alongside with our Engineer so that necessary training could be imparted for handling the machine independently.