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GASSET PACK M/C (MODEL: CR-PP-1000 HI-SPEED SERVO AUGUR FILLER) Fully automatic Auger filler filling and packing machine to Pack “Powder” in laminated poly film as in gusset type pillow pouches with servo augur filler drive and P.L.C. Packing Range: 500 grams – 1000grams. Production Speed: 45 - 60 pouches/min Optional attachment extra - Batch coding(Thermal type)

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Feeding head : Servo Driven Auger filler filling system
Packing Range : 500grams to 1000gms
Production Speed : 45 to 60 pouches per minute
Machine control system : P.L.C with servo
Film Width : 450mm max
Film Thickness : 60 to 120 microns
Film Material : Laminated
Sealer heating system : Continues
Filling Accuracy : +/-0.5%
Inner Core Dia. of Film Roll : 70mm
Outer Dia. of the film Roll : up to 400mm
Pouch Style : Center sealed Gasset type Pillow type
Pouch Width : up to 210mm
Pouch Length : up to 350mm
Compressed Air pressure : 6kg / cm2 at 400 C
Air consumption : 20m3 / Hour
Power Consumption : 7.5K.W / Hour
Peak Power : 7.5kW
Power requirement : 3 Phase, 440 VAC, 50Hz plus Neutral
Film Guard mechanism : Auto stop when film is exhausted
Pouch Counter : Provided
Date printing Device : Optional
Photo Cell : N/A
Machine Dimensions in ‘mm’ : 2650(H) x 1350(W) x 2000 (D) mm
Net Weight : 850 kgs (approx)

  • Approx : 10,50,000.00 INR

Delivery Time : 4-5 weeks from the date of receipt of you’re confirm order and along with requisite advances.